Oskar Schuster (born 23 September 1983 in Munich) is a German composer and musician based in Berlin. His music is a blend of instrumental, post-classical and folk-inspired sounds, influenced by the likes of Beirut, Sigur Rós, Yann Tiersen, classical piano music from the 19th century and French chanson. It is often described as having a magical, fairytale-like vibe and nostalgic feel.

 Being a classically trained pianist, the piano and other keyboard instruments such as the celesta are often at the center of his creations. Nonetheless, he is always eager to explore new sounds and instruments such as the trumpet and cornet which he taught himself for his latest EP, Odesa.

 His compositions are often melancholic and nostalgic but also joyful and peaceful, offering a reflection of the beauty and struggles of life and taking the listener on a journey to the depths of their soul and the heights of their dreams.

 In addition to producing music, Oskar also creates the artwork and music videos for his releases in collaboration with his wife, Angie Siveria. Together they craft a cohesive visual aesthetic that complements the music and adds another layer of meaning to it.